Stunning 30′ Two Loft Tiny House with Deluxe Kitchen and Bath.

Been dreaming of living tiny? Need a place to run a kitchen or business from? Perhaps a food cart with a bit of interior seating and plenty of storage? Wanting to add a guest house for your house or rural property? Hoping to have a comfortable and stylish Airbnb style vacation rental? Need a ready built and mobile cabin? We may have just the tiny house for you!

After living in a 5th wheel trailer for a year, we built what was to be our home for years to come. Planning for it to be our home, we spared no expense in making it as safe, comfortable and pleasant to live in as possible. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, we need to move back to Portland at the end of the summer. We have enjoyed living in the tiny house very much and found it so much more comfortable than our trailer, with its highly efficient, and very quiet heating and cooling system, and its beautiful natural light and airflow from its many windows. The tiny house has a truly spacious and thoughtfully laid out kitchen that even has a dishwasher, and a full sized bathroom with soaking tub and a closet. The on demand water heater means you’ll always have more than enough water for a long bath. The tiny house is currently parked at the lovely and very comfortable Scandia Village two miles from downtown Bend.

In the middle of winter in Central Oregon, our electric bill was ~$50 and our propane bill was ~$20 a month with us taking nearly daily baths and cooking most meals at home.
For Sale: $75,000.


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